Edgecam Milling

Funktioner i respektive nivå (med reservation för felskrivning)

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



2D Wireframe Design

EWS Solid Design (while the licence is on an active maintenance contract)

Automatic Feature Recognition, Manual Feature Finding, Wireframe geometry from solid

Milling - General

Milling and Drilling Cycles

Line/Arc Smooth or Point to Point Output

Collision Checking

Access to Strategy Manager - create, edit and run strategies

m & h Probing

Milling - Roughing

Roughing with Multi-level Islands

Intermediate Slices Rest Roughing

Milling - Finishing

Flat Land Finishing

Chamfer Cycle

Profiling 2D Wireframe and 2D Profiling Feature

Engraving Cycle (* Essential only includes the Centreline strategy)

Edgecam Simulator

Full Machine Tool Simulation

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Standard (utöver Essential)


3D Wireframe and Rotary Design

Milling - General

Merge and Rationalise Machining Sequences

Thread Milling, Single and Multi-start

Indexing (2 rotary axes), Rotary Machining  and Insert Component (Tombstone)

Back Boring support on Hole cycles

Milling - Roughing

Profiling 2D Wireframe and 2D Profiling Feature

Roughing Contoured Walls with Cusp Height Control

Roughing Waveform strategy

Multi-tool Rest Roughing

Roughing - Detect Uncut Stock

Automatic Flat Land Detection

Automatic Trochoidal Milling

Milling - Finishing

Profiing with Multi-level Islands

Profiling Contoured Walls with Cusp Height Control

Profiling Spring Cuts

Parallel Lace Cycle

Profiling Solid models

Multi-tool Rest Flat Land Finishing

Edgecam Simulator

Sequence Browser in Simulate Machining (not Rapid Result)

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Advanced (utöver Standard)


Free-form Surface Design

Milling - General

Angled head and second Z Axis support (Quills)

Deep Hole Drilling

Milling - Roughing

Plunge Roughing

Roughing Adaptive Feed Rates

Milling - Finishing

Profiling Solids with Cusp Height Control

Profiling 3D Curves

Rest Profiling

Finish Shallow Areas - Constant Cusp

Project Toolpath and Text onto Surfaces

Projection Machining – Radial, Circular, two Curves

Single pass Pencil Milling

Flow Surface Cycle

Profiling Undercuts

Profiling Solids - Cusp Height Control


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Ultimate (utöver Advanced)

Milling – General

Spline Support for NC Output

Milling - Finishing

Parallel Lace Cycle - Up/Down control

3D Normal Offset Output (3D Compensation)

Finish Shallow Areas - Projection

Steep Shallow Rest Finishing

Constant Cusp Finishing

Contact Angle Control

Multi-tool Rest Finishing

Pencil Milling - Multi-pass and Down Milling

Check Surface Control