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The functionality of Edgecam milling makes programming intuitive and rational.


The functionality of Edgecam turning makes programming intuitive and rational.


The functionality of Edgecam wire sparking makes programming intuitive and rational.


Edgecam Designer fills the gap between CAD and CAM. Designed for simple and intuitive design of fixtures for modifying and repairing models. Edgecam Designer is the optimal solution for moving geometries from design to production.


Edgecam Inspect combines measurement technology expertise from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence with Vero Software's extensive programming skills.


Edgecam WorkXplore är det ideala verktyget för att kunna analysera CAD-modeller utan tillgång till det ursprungliga CAD-systemet.


The machining time is shorter while the tools last longer.


Workflow five simple and logical steps that give the CAM system all the benefits while greatly reducing programming time.


Toolbox för maximerad produktivitet.

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Edgecam Workflow

A new flow-oriented methodology for logical and intuitive programming of CNC machines.

Edgecam systems are always complete. 

Whether it is a system for turning or milling or the combination we call Production.




From 2-axis to multifunction machines with 4 tool carriers and 2 spindles.


From 2½ axis to 5 axis simultaneous milling.


A combination of turning and milling.

Edgecam Solid CAD / CAM in four levels 

Essential | Default | Advanced | Ultimate is the four levels.
Adapted to best suit your current needs. As your needs change, you can easily upgrade to increase functionality.



2 and 2½ axis systems


Includes C&Y axis in lathe and 4-5 axis indexing machining in milling.


Complements turning with B-axis and dual tool carriers. Also handles double spindle lathe. Milling is supplemented with free-form milling, adaptive feeding and advanced drilling cycles.


For lathes with 3 or 4 tool carriers, also includes advanced freeform milling and simultaneous B-axis turning. Milling is supplemented with advanced freeform milling, pencil mill and extended contact angle control.



In our Edgecam solutions we have chosen to offer systems with a few options included as standard. However, there are a number of selectable functions that far from everyone needs.

Some of these options are:

  • Solid Machinist for Creo / Solid Machinist for Granite Edgecam / Solid Machinist for NX / Solid Machinist for Catia V5

  • Edgecam Inspection Module / Renishaw Probing Edgecam  

  • 4-Axis Simultaneous Milling / Advanced 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling / Ultimate 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling 

  • Multi Task Machine Options / Edgecam Tombstone Manager

Toolbox is included in all Edgecam