In a circular world 

We are a supplier of systems and solutions that create increased scope for profitability for our users. Since its inception in 1997, we have grown as a business and are now one of the leading suppliers in Sweden in our business areas. More than 700 companies from north to south use our solutions to ensure efficient and profitable production.

One of our major tasks is to deliver solutions and know-how that can help production and production to be conducted with good profitability in Sweden. With our solutions and our know-how, we can help industry develop methods and processes to increase their competitiveness. A very important work in the industry that is increasingly subject to savings requirements based on global competition.

In step with increased awareness of how we humans in different ways affect the environment, the importance and importance of being able to operate profitable and efficient manufacturing as locally as possible increases. If we can somehow get companies to keep manufacturing in Sweden instead of moving to another country, we mean that we all profit from it.

We are based in offices in Sala, Värnamo and Stockholm. In Sala and Värnamo, we regularly provide training for our users. All training takes place in appropriate premises with modern equipment.

Our key word for our business is KUL which means
Knowledge - Development - Solutions

We sell it to our users, not least during ETUX, which we operate under the heading Facts - Inspiration - Fun. 

Welcome to us we look forward to talking to you and learning more about your challenges.


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Mission statement

Edge Technology AB offers CAM-system and inventory solutions together with servces that increase our customers ability to be profitable and competitive. By working with us, the costomer creates room for increased productivity.

Our vision

Vi We will be the Nordic region's leading supplier of CAM-system and storage machines.

Our Mission

 We help our customers become more profitable and competitive through more efficient production. Our products in combination with our know-how and our services form the basis for long-term cooperation. We strive for mutually profitable relationships with our customers. We provide leading products and services in all our business areas. We are constantly evolving.

Våra Our business areas

We operate in two business areas
Workshop system
     CAM system  / Operation follow-up/ DNC
Warehouse and vending machines
     Industry   / Commerce / Care


Our office in Sala

Fabriksgatan 3

733 39 Sala

Our office in Värnamo 

Silkesvägen 30

331 53 Värnamo

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