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A machine that can be used both freely and in combination with, for example, a 28Level cabinet. Rotopoint consists of a rotating magazine available in 6 different sizes. From 90 unique compartments to 468 unique compartments. Rotopoint stores large quantities of goods on a small surface. 

28 Level

The most advanced and versatile product on the market, yet simple, quick and easy to install and use. 28 Level is ideal for small components for very large objects.

Modulo gen 2

The Modulo unit uses high-quality injection-molded site boxes and incorporates industry-leading technology through SupplyPoint to provide a machine with higher capacity at a competitive cost.


Clear Front Locker provides an economical low cost warehouse access solution, ideal for bulky or heavy items or as a buffer storage that works with other SupplyPoint products. Each cabinet consists of three vertical bars, each of which can be configured with 3, 6 or 9 electronically controlled clear front cabinets.


LID - a flexible cabinet solution where boxes with locked lids are in drawers. A LID cabinet can hold up to 432 drawers. The cabinet can be used stand-alone or as an extension of a 28Level cabinet.


Steel Front Locker är en mångsidig enhet som erbjuder olika platsstorlekar för att passa stora eller skrymmande föremål. Enheten kan implementeras som en del av ett befintligt system, eller som en fristående lösning som kontrolleras av vår ledande programvara för lagerhantering.

Odoo • Image and Text

SupplyPoint Programvara

SupplyPoint Inventory Management Software Suite driver all supplypointutrustning och stöder lagerrumshanteringsfunktioner / verktygslärlingar, inklusive utgivande och återlämnande, byte, omarbetning och skrot, lagerjustering, flytta lager och kitutgåva.

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