ETUX 2018 Promo

ETUX - Edge Technology User Experience, is a professional forum for Edge Technology customers. ETUX is a concept where we focus on the user and use of our soutions, focusing on skills development and inspiration to help you find new ways to work. In simplicity, it means we want to share our knowledge with you. ETUX reaches a peak at our annual user meeting - Edge Technology Customer Days. A two-day seminar that focuses on you as a user. You will be able to share FACTS about new and improved features in Edgecam-Vero, get INSPIRATION how to simplify and streamline your everyday life, and in particular, get the PLEASURE of exchanging thoughts and experiences with other Edgecam users. We wish you a warm welcome to this year's Edgecam user meeting, which will be held in Gothenburg 27-28 September.