the most powerfull CAM application for complex parts and machines

Versatile CAM

No compromises

WorkNC is the most versatile CAM software for up to 5-axis milling, without compromising the highly automation needed today. 

WorkNC is best of breed, complementary CAM software that enhances all design and manufacturing systems by providing the most reliable, efficient, easy-to-program cutter paths, resulting in unmatched productivity and safety.  WorkNC has unmatched toolpath quality, and endless possibilities to optimize the machining, with the use of Sequenses, and the development of Advanced Toolform. 

WorkNC 3+2 indexing 

WorkNC offers several tools to ensure that the angles required for 3 + 2 milling can be achieved on a specific machine - without collision, of course. The collisions of tool holders can be avoided automatically with each toolpath. The program also allows a complete simulation of the machine and the toolpaths to verify the manufacturing process before sending the nc-data to the machine.

WorkNC high efficient roughing

WorkNC roughing strategies create toolpaths with the least possible empty paths, local pullbacks, fillets in the corners for HSC machining and avoid ramps when not necessary. Based on the current blank, WorkNC determines the zones in which to remove material. The dynamic management of the blank additionally secures the milling process. Tools and tool holders are taken into account in the real-time update of the roughing paths. This eliminates any risk of collision, regardless of the length of tools used.

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WorkNC 5-axis

WorkNC increases productivity in a highly competitive area and helps businesses from several industries gain market share. We at Edge Technology is highly motivated and dedicated to ensure you will gain the full advantage of your new software solution from Vero. 

WorkNC 5-Axis is the CAD / CAM solution that brings all the benefits of 5-axis milling to all users by significantly simplifying the complexity of this new technology with integrated collision avoidance. 

The 5-axis simultaneous machining allows the user to directly generate 5-axis milling paths in relation to the 3D geometry of the workpiece. These universal 5-axis toolpaths allow the user to quickly machine the most complex workpieces with maximum reliability.

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WorkNC unmatched finishing 

WorkNC automatically generates the milling paths for finishing, and the required parameters can be quickly entered via the easy-to-use user interface. Users can choose from a whole range of key options (tangential extension, point tolerance, calculation accuracy, spiral transitions) to precisely specify the desired quality of finishing. With more than 20 finishing strategies, WorkNC is one of the most comprehensive CAD / CAM 

solutions on the market. From these strategies, users can choose the best possible variation for the particular workpiece, no matter how complex the geometry of that part is. 

WorkNC drilling, and 2D machining 

WorkNC 2D and Drill Machining are complete solutions for making prismatic parts and programming all the holes in the workpieces. These functions can affect the curve, surface, and body geometry, as well as program the necessary holes, regardless of whether they already exist included in the CAD model or not. 

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